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Digitalis purpurea 'Camelot' series

Take a deep breath and repeat after me. This is an ANNUAL, only an ANNUAL! I don't care what you read on the label, in garden books, or whatever else you might have heard if your address has Texas in it, then it's an annual!

Even used as an annual Digitalis 'Camelot' fills a niche in my garden at a time of the year when my plant choices are very limited. Few spring flowers have the vertical spike flowers that foxglove does. I use these upright pastel flowers to fill the gaps in my early spring perennial borders and annual beds. During winter, the foliage also gives some interest to my otherwise brown beds.

Foxglove is a natural companion to annual and spring bulb combinations, the tall spikes creating a wonderful backdrop for the early flowers. Unlike most cool season annuals, D. 'Camelot' doesn't mind light shade which makes it indispensable in mature gardens. I also use Digitalis 'Camelot' as I would ornamental kale in winter containers. The foliage gives height and texture and come spring you have 4 ft. tall spikes of flowers to wow your neighbors. The sturdy stems also make excellent cut flowers.

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